May 29, 2016


As far as guitars go, I've never been "brand loyal" to any company. All guitars have their own unique personalities and traits which make it impossible for me to say hands down which ones are the best. Every guitar I pick up feels different, even the ones in my own collection. This is a good thing I believe because every guitar has a different purpose when it comes to creativity or even mood.

One instrument, however, that has been able to transgress all notions of what I believe about guitars is the Ibanez RG7321FM. I picked her up used back in 2014 from my local music shop for around $400. For a 7-string guitar, this was an extremely good deal. In addition to the price point though, you'll notice right off the bat the Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge. It's a solid hard-tail that's very comfortable for resting the side of your palm on when fast down-picking is called for. As soon as this guitar was in my hands, it just felt right. Two things immediately caught my attention about this guitar: the smoothness and contour of the neck. The very flat and wide bolt-on Wizard II-7 neck lends superior flexibility to fret board playing. Tremelo picking feels tight, strummed chords play clean, and maneuvering between power chords is seamless. This guitar just begs to be played hard and heavy as soon as you pick it up. A noticeable round and clean sound emanates from this guitar thanks to the basswood body. And the ceramic Axis Seven pickups just give it that edge when saturating your tone with heavy distortion. For it's very light body, it surprisingly produces a massive sound. I have yet to switch out the Axis Seven pickups and don't see why I should. They're some of the best factory pickups I've ever heard.

There's so much value about this guitar when it comes to the hardware and construction. So much so, that I plan on using these all-around: studio, stage, and practice.

If you want to know more, pick on up the next time your at your local shop. I can't recommend this guitar enough. Thanks Ibanez.